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College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

3240 Fort Rd Toppenish, WA 98948

Phone: 509.865.8695 Email: HUCAMP@Heritage.edu


Heritage University CAMP welcomes all eligible applicants, including students with different interests, talents, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, and diverse migrant and seasonal farmworker experiences. Priority is given to those students who first submit all completed and required forms. We welcome students to apply to Heritage University CAMP, however, students will have to be admitted to Heritage University for Fall 2019 and have applied for Financial Aid prior to admissions to Heritage University CAMP.

What is CAMP?

The College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) at Heritage University provides retention and support services to first-year college students from migrant/seasonal farm worker families. CAMP works with campus faculty and staff, community based organizations, and student services to enhance the students college experience and education at Heritage University.

To qualify for CAMP, a student must be:

          A U.S. citizen or permanent resident


          A first year student going to attend Heritage University with 24 semester credits or less

From a migrant/seasonal farm worker background. A student may meet this requirement by ONE of the following:

-A person, or his or her immediate family member, must have spent a minimum of 75 days during the past 24 months as a migrant or seasonal farmworker

-The person must have participated (with respect to HEP within the last 24 months)

-Be eligible to participate, in programs under 34 CFR part 200, Subpart C (Title I --Migrant Education Program) 

- Or have been a participant of the Employment and Training Administration, Department of Labor--Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Programs (WIA 167)

Services provided by CAMP

             Academic advising services; free tutor support; College success workshops and strategies

             Assistance with scholarship applications; financial literacy and organization workshops; stipends

             Cultural enrichment activities; peer mentoring; leadership development opportunities

             Career counseling; graduate school information; career and employment resources

Each student accepted to the program must:

          Be enrolled Full time at Heritage University (12 semester credits) and be in good academic standing (2.0 Cumulative GPA minimum)


          Participate in advising, tutoring, mentoring, and cultural events as specified in CAMP agreement.

Please note that the application may take about 45 minutes to fill out.  If you save your progress, please note that the email that is sent for this might go to your junk mail.

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I certify to the best of my knowledge, the information I have provided on this application form are complete and true.

I understand that it may be necessary for the CAMP program staff to obtain records from other Heritage University departments in order to verify my current academic and financial status. I give my permission for such records to be obtained. 

I give permission to Heritage University to use videography or photography in any media coverage (TV, radio, newspaper, print, etc.) related to CAMP for educational/promotional purposes, and I understand that there is no compensation for my participation.

I authorize the Heritage University College Assistance Migrant Program to contact employers, educational facilities/institutions, and other agencies, to obtain information/documentation pertinent to enrollment and participation in the College Assistance Migrant Program.

I fully understand that failure to authorize verification of necessary information and failure to comply to aforementioned measures could result in my termination from the Heritage University College Assistance Migrant Program or participation therein.